Twelve23 offers Laravel development services for custom web applications. Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks used for complex web apps. Because of its elegant syntax and modularity, Laravel allows developers to creatively code complex solutions more efficiently.

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Our team of developers are experts in Laravel and can custom build expansive functionality into any web application using the framework.

No project is too big or too small for Laravel or for our team. We can assess your business needs and develop a web solution that will do what you need it to do, quickly and cleanly. Laravel offers:

  • Simplicity – Laravel packs a ton of functionality into elegant code by managing object relationships in an efficient way, allowing developers to creatively build complex solutions without getting bogged down by excessive code.
  • Packages – The large Laravel community has developed a ton of packages that extend Laravel’s built-in functionality, thus speeding up development time by implementing or building on what has already been built.
  • Security – Out of the box, Laravel blocks SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting.

"Laravel is one of my favorite tools for building applications quickly. Whether writing to custom business logic or integrating third-party services, Laravel makes the work a joy, which is always good for productivity, quality, and price."

—Josh LaRosee, Senior Developer

Benefits of Laravel

  • Eloquent object-relational mapping (ORM) – By setting quick lookup methods for each model, object associations become simple to establish, improving the elegance and efficiency of the code.
  • Reverse routing – By setting simple route declarations, URLs can be generated and actions executed.
  • RESTful resource controllers – Simple route declarations create multiple routes to handle a variety of actions on a single resource.
  • Eager loading – Object relationships can be “eager loaded” at the time a parent model is queried, rather than waiting until a property is accessed.
  • Unit Testing – Inline commands can be used to test that object relationships are established correctly and that functions being executed properly, speeding up the development process significantly.
  • Automatic pagination – Laravel can automatically generate an intelligent “range” of links based on the current page.
  • Form requests – Custom request classes containing validation logic can be created for more complex validation scenarios.
  • Migrations – Migrations can be paired with Laravel’s schema builder to build an applications database schema in a process much like version control.
  • Application Structure – Laravel imposes almost no restrictions on where classes are located, giving developers great flexibility in how an application is organized.

"I've been developing in Laravel for over three years. I like Laravel because the ORM takes care of a lot of the database boilerplate, so you can focus on the actual application."

—Valan Brown, Senior Developer

About Twelve23

"After completely revamping our websites I did not think anything could top what your design and technical teams developed - it was vibrant, welcoming and spot on with each and every objective that we ask you to achieve. However, your maintenance team took customer service to a whole new level. Again impressive service as we continue to experience incredibly fast maintenance turnaround times. Twelve23 is a game changer."

—David G. Moore, President and CEO of Junior Achievement of Washington

Alpine Ascents

Alpine Ascents offers and organizes mountaineering trips for those with an adventurous spirit. In updating their web presence, we provided two services. We worked to maintain a 15-year-old Microsoft technology stack, and built a Django-driven back end to process gear rentals. We then worked with a partner to develop a new marketing site using WordPress, and built a custom WordPress plugin that can read data from the Django application code base and render a list of rentable and non-rentable gear items. We ported ten years of business logic over to a new Laravel build.

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Fan Draft

FanDraft provides a true draft experience for fantasy football enthusiasts. FanDraft built a prototype as a desktop application, and we were tasked with creating a more robust implementation of FanDraft’s vision using modern web technologies. Because the FanDraft team is literate in PHP, we built in the elegant Laravel framework with jQuery to allow them to maintain and update their application in the future.

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OpenShifts was developed as a way for dentists to avoid working with temp agencies when they needed short-term detal professionals. A robust platform that matches the needs of dental clinics with temporary professionals based on skill and availability, OpenShifts bypasses the need for agencies. We were tasked with a full application build, including user interface, algorithms that drive the service, and membership payment processes. We used Laravel for this custom build for it’s rapid, elegant and robust structure, and paired it with view.js on the front end for a pleasurable, intuitive user experience.

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