Case Study

Codify Health / sites

Codify Health, formerly Surgerflow, came to the Twelve23 team back in 2011. The goal was to provide a clinical workflow platform that allowed medical practices and clinical facilities to craft sophisticated workflows and robust data collection and reporting for long running care episodes. By using said automation platform, one could integrate an extended care team beyond the brick and mortar walls of a facility, connecting with other professionals, the patient, and family. Some of the key issues that were to be addressed were flexibility, scalability, integration with existing EHRs, and HIPAA compliance.

Our Approach

The Codify Health platform had to be engineered from the beginning to address as many of the various workflows and data collection scenarios that exist in healthcare as possible. We did this by working hand-in-hand with surgeons, anesthesiologists, MHAs, and other to define some of the pain points in care coordination and administration. By incorporating domain specialists into the process, we were able to glean insight into the state of healthcare, which helped to inform design design decisions that would impact overall cost of the build.

Our Solution

Twelve23 was tasked to design and build a highly extensible solution. Some of the software’s services are: data collection service, dynamic routing survey engine, and rules-based flagging system. In addition to building complex systems to handle all of the business logic, we worked with 3rd party vendors to create integration strategies that would allow users to extend existing EHR implementations.


Codify Health sits in-house, with our development team running point on new iterations and updates. The goal, as with any startup, is to be agile and responsive to an ever changing marketplace. So far we’ve been able to do just that, all while creating a product that’s geared to generate better healthcare outcomes and happier patient experiences.