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Twelve23 vs. Freelancers

    As a firm, Twelve23 offers you stability and reliability. We know the freelance game, many of us having lived it, and we work to ensure that our team is comprised of independent minds with a collaborative focus. We’re the best of both worlds, focusing on long-term relationships and treating your project like our own, all while having your best interest in mind.


    Twelve23: We keep regular business hours, and are always available to talk to you, even after we’ve left the office.
    Freelancer: Often has an unreliable schedule and can’t respond to you right away.


    Twelve23: We are flexible with our payment schedule, offering net 30 invoicing and often times more.
    Freelancer: Often needs to be paid immediately upon project completion.


    Twelve23: Bids and estimates are accurate based on years of experience, and we never bill for overruns.
    Freelancer: Often overestimates skill and underestimates time commitment resulting in overruns and unexpected costs for your agency.


    Twelve23: We have a full team with diverse skill sets that work collaboratively on your projects, producing the best results at the greatest efficiency.
    Freelancer: Has certain skills, and often must spend additional time determining how to accomplish aspects of the project that are not a part of their skill sets, resulting in time delays and additional costs.


    Twelve23: With a full team, we can always find someone available to start your project right away.
    Freelancer: Often has to juggle commitments to clients, and either divides attention or runs late on delivery of project components.


    Twelve23: We’re a business. As such, we maintain high standards of customer service, we guarantee our work, and we keep our promises.
    Freelancer: Often doesn’t have an institutional mindset and isn’t concerned with reputation sustained relationships beyond single project completion, resulting in deviation from sound business practices.

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