Munish Sangar

CEO and all around good guy, Munish keeps the trains moving at Twelve23. A savvy technology veteran with a versatile skill set and company offering, Munish’s ability to manage every facet of the software business life-cycle sets him apart from the specialists in his field. Deadly working on his own, and a pleasure to work with communally, Munish is equally comfortable working within a small cadre, or building and managing teams ground up. In fact, motivating and building individuals, the invisible hand, is what Munish truly enjoys doing best. Not needing any credit, comfortable doing the dirty work, Munish is the glue guy with the intangibles who makes teams win. Not to be overlooked, Munish is also the calm one, he values perspective in decision making, and wholeheartedly believes in crossing the aisle to get things done.

As CEO of Twelve23 – one of the country’s only wholesale, on-shore, overflow web development companies – Munish has worked on engagements for such notable brands as T-Mobile, Hewlett Packard, Junior Achievement, HTC,, and countless others over his 15-year career. Consistently Munish, and by extension, his team at Twelve23, has proven they can help
companies implement their big ideas by simply being in the background, head down, working hard every day to execute their vision.

Munish lives, plays, and works in the greater Seattle area. When not working, he can be found at home counting his blessings with his talented wife, and two amazing kids.

Fun Fact

Munish has remarkable knowledge of Disney Princesses.