Adobe Scene7

We love Adobe Scene7 for its dynamic imaging functionality, including interactive zoom, pan and spin, and its visual configurators that use real-time rendering to allow personalization and customization effects including textures, colors, monograms, engraving and more.

Custom greeting cards using Adobe Scene7 and JavaScript

  • Agency Partner: Samantha Caudill, LLC
  • Year(s): 2010

Samantha Caudill, a one-woman agency out of Ohio, contracted Twelve23 in 2010 to help with a project for her client Poppin Prints. At the time, Poppin Prints was a manufacturer of custom greeting cards, and they needed some tailor-made functionality to allow consumers the ability to personalize their greeting cards online by uploading images and having them appear over the card template of their choice. The challenge was rendering various sizes of image uploads in their actual sizes and dimensions on the card templates. When evaluating the end client's needs, we opted against a custom build and took advantage of features found in Adobe Scene7 to configure images. We then built a JavaScript wrapper application that would connect Scene7 with the site's CMS, which was managing the pages.


Scene7 Logo Configurator for Overlay onto Golf Balls

  • Agency Partner: Sirius
  • Year(s): 2014

Sirius came to Twelve23 with a project for Golfsmith, a nationwide retailer. Golfsmith wanted users to be able to personalize golf balls with logos online for custom print orders. We decided to use the Adobe Scene7 framework. Starting with our own testing servers, we produced a dynamic JavaScript interface that employed Scene7 and Java REST to preview the customers' artwork on top of golf balls. Once designed, built and tested, we deployed the final product onto the end client's website.