jQuery is a JavaScript library that speeds up HTML document traversal, event handling, animation and Ajax simpler and faster. Using jQuery to write JavaScript speeds up the coding process, and has proven to be very versatile across many kinds of projects.

North American Website Rebrand for HTC with Performance Boosting

  • Agency Partner: HL2
  • Year(s): 2009
Back in 2009, HTC was coming on the scene as one of the leading mobile device manufacturers but were struggling with little brand awareness with consumers, and a website that was ill-equipped for direct e-commerce. Ramping up for the launch of a series of new HTC-branded devices, they brought our agency partner HL2 in to develop all of the channel marketing materials for five new mobile phone launches, along with redesigning and redeveloping the HTC NA website. HL2 brought us in as a partner, and we placed one of our developers on-site for five weeks to build out the front-end of the website, adding various lightbox and scrolling effects, and updating the HTML and CSS for the best look and performance.

Custom greeting cards using Adobe Scene7 and JavaScript

  • Agency Partner: Samantha Caudill, LLC
  • Year(s): 2010

Samantha Caudill, a one-woman agency out of Ohio, contracted Twelve23 in 2010 to help with a project for her client Poppin Prints. At the time, Poppin Prints was a manufacturer of custom greeting cards, and they needed some tailor-made functionality to allow consumers the ability to personalize their greeting cards online by uploading images and having them appear over the card template of their choice. The challenge was rendering various sizes of image uploads in their actual sizes and dimensions on the card templates. When evaluating the end client's needs, we opted against a custom build and took advantage of features found in Adobe Scene7 to configure images. We then built a JavaScript wrapper application that would connect Scene7 with the site's CMS, which was managing the pages.


Rackspace Mailgun Plugin Rewrite

  • Agency Partner: Lookahead Consulting
  • Year(s): 2015
Lookahead Consulting took Twelve23 on as a partner to help with a project for Rackspace. The end-client needed to update and modernize their Mailgun plugin for WordPress, which employs a set of APIs that allow sending, receiving and tracking emails from a website. Twelve23 did a rewrite of the plugin while Lookahead Consulting developed a tutorial on it's use to be distributed on tutsplus.com.

Compare and Drive Performance Updates

  • Agency Partner: 12th Street Consulting
  • Year(s): 2016
Our long-time Canadian partner 12th Street Consulting engaged us to improve the performance of a custom-built WordPress website for Compare and Drive, an online service that lists cars for sale by trusted dealers, provides buying and information guides, shares industry news and provides a service inquiry platform. We made several performance updates to the site, including optimizing as well as refactoring and consulting on the code.

Custom WordPress Theme Navigation Modification

  • Agency Partner: 575 Inc.
  • Year(s): 2016
When Jonathan Chicquette from 575 Inc. was about to become councilman and mayor of our neighbor city, Normandy Park, he knew his time would be at a premium, so he reached out to us for Agency-to-Agency support. Focusing his time on Brand Guidance and Business Strategy for his clients, he tasked Twelve23 to extend the WordPress theme of his client's website with custom navigation modifications that created a secondary menu dynamically based on links within the page.

Scene7 Logo Configurator for Overlay onto Golf Balls

  • Agency Partner: Sirius
  • Year(s): 2014

Sirius came to Twelve23 with a project for Golfsmith, a nationwide retailer. Golfsmith wanted users to be able to personalize golf balls with logos online for custom print orders. We decided to use the Adobe Scene7 framework. Starting with our own testing servers, we produced a dynamic JavaScript interface that employed Scene7 and Java REST to preview the customers' artwork on top of golf balls. Once designed, built and tested, we deployed the final product onto the end client's website.