ExpressionEngine is a content management system (CMS) that takes a more agnostic and decentralized approach to content delivery. Rather than creating content for where each content type will appear on a website, individual content blocks can be created and then rendered in any number of places on your site. We like ExpressionEngine for its flexibility in choosing how and when to deliver content to website visitors.

Wescott Website Criteria-based Routing with ExpressionEngine

  • Agency Partner: DDC
  • Year(s): 2015
Wescott Financial Advisory Group wanted to develop a lead qualification tool called Perfect Score. This tool would allow users to answer survey questions about their financial status and future goals, and then route them to information about financial services plans that met the potential clients’ needs. Our agency partner DDC came to us to lend a hand. Qe developed the Perfect Score calculator as a survey engine employing criteria-based routing using JavaScript, while using ExpressionEngine as the backend. We also assisted in updating the content and layout of the site while maintaining their branded look and feel.