PHP, or “Hypertext Preprocessor” is an open-source scripting language used in web development. Useful for its ability to do the heavy lifting for any non-static functionality while still working within HTML, PHP provides the muscle for nearly everything on the web, large to small.

Wescott Website Criteria-based Routing with ExpressionEngine

  • Agency Partner: DDC
  • Year(s): 2015
Wescott Financial Advisory Group wanted to develop a lead qualification tool called Perfect Score. This tool would allow users to answer survey questions about their financial status and future goals, and then route them to information about financial services plans that met the potential clients’ needs. Our agency partner DDC came to us to lend a hand. Qe developed the Perfect Score calculator as a survey engine employing criteria-based routing using JavaScript, while using ExpressionEngine as the backend. We also assisted in updating the content and layout of the site while maintaining their branded look and feel.

WalletCard Certification Management WordPress Extension

  • Agency Partner: 12th Street Consulting
  • Year(s): 2015
WalletCard offers a novel way for employers to issue certifications to employees who have completed coursework or training modules and proven their ability to perform certain tasks or jobs. After creating a business profile, employers can create certifications for any number of learning requirements, and once an employee has achieved the proper qualifications, certifications can be assigned to the employee. The employee also visits their account and verifies the certificates that have been granted them. Our agency partner 12th Street Consulting commissioned us to assist in building out the client’s website to perform these functions. Together we created a prototype which extended Wordpress's user model with a more complex structure, and built a custom theme that extended WordPress functionality.

T-Mobile Data Collection and Processing

  • Agency Partner: Blue Sky Projects
  • Year(s): 2007
After having worked on several projects with Marc Rapport of Blue Sky Projects, we were invited to participate in a project for our biggest “name” client--an enterprise client. T-Mobile’s testing department were making use of robotics to perform tasks on handsets, but the data set returned was indecipherable. The client’s senior engineers weren’t inclined to write a middle-tier application, so we stepped in. We placed two developers on-site for three weeks to work in a classified wing of their Bellevue campus headquarters. We built an internal application to collect the data in a database, and then sort and filter that data to display it in a more useful way, complete with search capability. We then set up a local WAMP server to allow them to run the app locally.

Monsters vs. Aliens Flash Game

  • Agency Partner: DraftFCB
  • Year(s): 2008
DraftFCB (now FCB Global) came to us with an intriguing idea. They were developing an online game based on Flash to promote the Dreamworks Studios movie "Monsters vs. Aliens." They tasked us with developing a way to record and display the top-ten high scores. We developed an API that put together endpoints for recording high scores, and then display them.

Truck-Lite Drupal Conversion

  • Agency Partner: Sirius
  • Year(s): 2016
Truck-Lite is a producer of LED safety lighting, forward lighting, wiring harnesses and other lighting solutions for trucks; and Sirius was tasked with their website redesign. Twelve23 was contracted to complete the content management system in Drupal to complement the site's eCommerce platform. The work involved setting up the web servers, creating a Drupal template, and adding custom functionality to Drupal for ease of use with Truck-Lite's specific content needs.