WordPress is a robust open source content management system (CMS) that currently accounts for over 26% of all websites on the internet. Available in 56 languages and customizable by over 44,000 different plugins (add-ons), as well as its ease of use for site managers, WordPress is our favorite platform for most of our website builds.

WalletCard Certification Management WordPress Extension

  • Agency Partner: 12th Street Consulting
  • Year(s): 2015
WalletCard offers a novel way for employers to issue certifications to employees who have completed coursework or training modules and proven their ability to perform certain tasks or jobs. After creating a business profile, employers can create certifications for any number of learning requirements, and once an employee has achieved the proper qualifications, certifications can be assigned to the employee. The employee also visits their account and verifies the certificates that have been granted them. Our agency partner 12th Street Consulting commissioned us to assist in building out the client’s website to perform these functions. Together we created a prototype which extended Wordpress's user model with a more complex structure, and built a custom theme that extended WordPress functionality.

Encore Capital SugarCRM Loan Processing

  • Agency Partner: Blaze Enterprises
  • Year(s): 2008-2012
In 2008, Blaze Enterprizes approached us with a project for Damon Maletta from Encore Capital, who was finding success in Restaurant micro-loans. Damon needed one place to control his sales channel, his accounts, and his contract flow, and also wanted a better website presence to attract new business and educate customers. We constructed a backend built on top of SugarCRM that managed all aspects of the loan underwriting process (status, documents, communications, credit) and a Wordpress site for his web presence that would interface with his backend platform.

Thunderbolt Clean Energy Brand and Website Design

  • Agency Partner: Eric Redman
  • Year(s): 2016
Eric Redman engaged us to rebrand one of his clean energy companies, Thunderbolt Clean Energy, and design a brochure website for people to get information about the group.  Sensitive to his work with his other companies, Eric wanted a site more about himself and his mission, rather than one to compete in the landscape.  After a few rounds, we landed on color schemes, fonts, logos and the website was not far away. Ultimately we chose WordPress as the CMS and created a one-pager using a custom child-theme.

Rackspace Mailgun Plugin Rewrite

  • Agency Partner: Lookahead Consulting
  • Year(s): 2015
Lookahead Consulting took Twelve23 on as a partner to help with a project for Rackspace. The end-client needed to update and modernize their Mailgun plugin for WordPress, which employs a set of APIs that allow sending, receiving and tracking emails from a website. Twelve23 did a rewrite of the plugin while Lookahead Consulting developed a tutorial on it's use to be distributed on tutsplus.com.

Compare and Drive Performance Updates

  • Agency Partner: 12th Street Consulting
  • Year(s): 2016
Our long-time Canadian partner 12th Street Consulting engaged us to improve the performance of a custom-built WordPress website for Compare and Drive, an online service that lists cars for sale by trusted dealers, provides buying and information guides, shares industry news and provides a service inquiry platform. We made several performance updates to the site, including optimizing as well as refactoring and consulting on the code.

Manor Hardware Website Development with WordPress

  • Agency Partner: Bullseye Graphics
  • Year(s): 2016

In 2001, Munish was part of a team that hired Bullseye Graphics to brand the new online presence for JustFares.com with a logo, letterhead, stationary, etc. Fifteen years later, it was Bullseye's turn to reach out to Munish and Twelve23. We joined them on a website redesign project for their established client Manor Hardware. We were given an initial design concept, and then built a custom WordPress theme to achieve the design and to match the philosophies of Bullseye, as illustrated by many of their "Bullseye-isms."


Custom WordPress Theme Navigation Modification

  • Agency Partner: 575 Inc.
  • Year(s): 2016
When Jonathan Chicquette from 575 Inc. was about to become councilman and mayor of our neighbor city, Normandy Park, he knew his time would be at a premium, so he reached out to us for Agency-to-Agency support. Focusing his time on Brand Guidance and Business Strategy for his clients, he tasked Twelve23 to extend the WordPress theme of his client's website with custom navigation modifications that created a secondary menu dynamically based on links within the page.