Twelve23 offers WordPress development services for websites that are highly functional and simple to administer. The WordPress platform offers modular functionality through the use of plugins that allow a business to expand their offerings over time as needs arise.

Benefits of WordPress:

  • Easy to administer – WordPress has an intuitive “back end” enterface that allows administrators to quickly add new pages, posts, media etc.
  • Highly customizable – WordPress is an underlying platform that can be customized with out-of-the-box or custom themes, page builders, plugins, custom CSS, etc.
  • You’re in control – Once your site is built, you don’t need a web developer to make content updates to your site. You can easily add or edit content as often as you please.
  • Scalability – As your business grows, your website can grow with you. Because functionality is modular through the use of plugins, when you want to add new functionality to your website, third party or custom plugins can be added to work within your site without affecting the underlying code base.
  • Multiple users – Your website can have as many users with login credentials as you’d like, and you can assign each of them specific roles that expland or restrict access to various features—from a subscriber or customer that has no access to the back end all the way to a keymaster or adminstrator that has unrestricted access to everything.
  • Great for SEO – The WordPress code base is clean, making it easy for search engines to read and index the content on your site. When you add plugins that manage SEO, it becomes even easier to optimize your site for search visibility.
  • E-commerce – Implementation of Woocommerce with your WordPress site gives you the power of e-commerce on your website. Woocommerce itself is modular, allowing you to add all the functions you need from a catalog, to checkout, to payment options, shipping, subscriptions and more. The options are virtually endless.

WordPress Experts at Your Disposal

Our team of developers are experts in WordPress and can design and build a robust website and develop custom themes, shortcodes, plugins and more, allowing you to present the right information and the right functionality at just the right time.

We build high-performing websites that allow you to easily manage your business online, as well as engage with your users in an effective way. We can also expand your current WordPress site with additional features and functionality, or provide maintenance services as WordPress, theme or plugin updates become available.

Why Developers Love WordPress

  • Flexibility – From a stable content management system, a strong architecture and the ability to integrate well with third-party plugins, WordPress offers the flexibility to develop solutions for any objective.
  • Open Source – The WordPress platform is open source, allowing for development of powerful feature expansion. The WordPress community often shares real-world solutions, shortening discovery time for similar projects.
  • Extensive Documentation – WordPress is well-documented through the WordPress Codex, allowing developers to easily reference and build on the platform’s code base.

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